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Tile & Grout Cleaning in Emerald Coast, We offer Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning in Destin, Sta Rosa, Miramar, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton, Niceville, Navarre and Surrounding Areas.

Do you find that mopping just doesn’t do the trick? We will identify and factor your natural stone material and it’s hardness and absorbency. These factors will aid us in choosing  the most effective enviro-friendly products in restoring your grout lines and tile surface. We use high pressure and suction equipment that loosens the dirt to extract it from hard to reach places. For the best results, each tile and grout line is pressure washed with the appropriate brushes and pads. Our certified technicians continue these steps by hand agitating each grout line for maximum results.


For extra heavy soil and grease usually found in kitchens and commercial facilities, we use a fast acting pre-treat solution to help suspend the soil.For common soil usually found in entryways, a milder pre-treatment is used to prepare the surface for cleaning, generating a like new appearance. For hard-water scale and soap build up normally found in bathrooms, we use an aggressive pretreat, helping to dissolve the buildup allowing for outstanding results.


Agitation is anessential part of the process, especially in heavily soiled and or greasy areas such as kitchens and commercial facilities. In these areas we use a floor scrubber with aheavy duty brush head. This heavy agitation works the pre-spray into the grout lines loosening and suspending the soil for removal.For more common soil, hard water scale, soap build-up and hard to reach edges, we use a specially designed grout brush which helps the cleaning solution to penetrate the soil build-up.

Pressure Rinse

Edge Cleaning Once the agitation is complete, the tile is cleaned and rinsed with our truck- mounted cleaning unit and the advanced tile cleaning attachment. Using our tile cleaning attachment and truckmountedunit, temperatures reach 220° with pressure of 800 to 1000 psi to melt away the soils. Used in conjunction with our powerful vacuum we are able to accomplish this with no mess and great results.Cleaning around the edge are no problem with specialty edging tools. These tools will produce superior results around the edges making your tile look uniform throughout

Dry & Seal

Using commercial air movers we expedite the drying of your tile and grout eliminating the possibility for water spots. No tile, grout or hard surface cleaning is complete without applying a sealer. A penetrating stone and grout sealer will help prevent permanent damage to your hard surface and protect your investment. Stained or damaged grout? No problem! We can use a colored grout sealer to give your grout a uniform and outstanding appearance..

This Video Shows a Severe Tile & Grout Restoration Job.

Award Winning Cleaning and Restoration

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