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Servicing the Crestview area, Fusion knows the importance and impact that clean air ducts have in your home and businesses. According to the EPA, levels of air pollution inside the homes can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Household dust can contain mites, mold, mildew, pollen, and animal dander – all of which is cycles through the central air system, which completely circulates the air in your home three to five times a day.

We inspect your duct work to show you what you are breathing.

Our technicians use a video inspection system to evaluate your home’s duct work. We look for dirt, debris, animal droppings, mold moisture and more to determine whether cleaning is necessary to improve the quality of your home’s air.

How your ducts are cleaned makes a difference.

The EPA recommends having the air ducts in your home cleaned only as needed – without inspection you don’t know when there is a mold growth or other harmful contaminants inside!

DON’T BREATHE DIRTY AIR! Call today and we will send a highly trained technician to inspect your duct work!


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